Golden Door is today a pioneer in the door market, where it has been active the last 30 years. The company’s extremely successful image is based on its vision for high-quality products that are always in tune with the trends of a modern lifestyle.

Thanks to its versatility, it constantly expands its range of products and adapts to the needs of every market, and increases its export capacity in more than 15 countries around the world.

The Golden Door collection consists of a wide range of products and includes security doors, interior doors, as well as hotel doors. — 

Golden Door’s comprehensive production line brings with it the idea of designing innovative products of exceptional versatility that can respond to every architectural need. It continuously invests in new equipment and modernises its facilities, while the automated production in coordination with human resources, results in a high-level service for the consumer.

With sophistication and credibility as its compass, it has achieved to become synonymous with non-negotiable quality.


Founding of the company active in steel construction
Construction of security doors starts
Patent for the safety door frame
Investment in automated CNC production machinery
Design and construction of axial security door
Design and production of interior doors
Design and production of hotel doors
Inauguration of the new showroom in the northern suburbs of Athens, spanning 600m2
Inauguration of the new showroom in the southern suburbs of Athens with a total surface of 400m2
Design and production of the wardrobe system
Transfer of the production plant in new, modern facilities

Golden Door was founded in 1982 as a small family factory. Over the years, it has invested in new production technologies and highly skilled personnel, adapting the spectrum of its products to the requirements of the times.

Today, despite its international dimension, it has achieved to preserve its family character and the representatives of the second generation have managed to identify the company name with high quality, through new ideas, personal experiences and capabilities.

The aim of Golden Door is to continue to evolve its expertise in total harmony with current social and financial changes.