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Golden Door protects the environment by assessing its resources and always using materials that are environmentally certified.

The wood used is certified to not contain formaldehyde, a substance that is carcinogenic to humans. Wood paint is water based, as to not contain any thinners that are harmful to the user’s health.

Photovoltaic station

Golden Door announces the completion of the photovoltaic station on the roof of its factory in Aspropyrgos near Athens, Greece. This is part of the company’s strategy for energy saving and environmental protection, by reducing its carbon footprint.

Charging of electric vehicles

Golden Door has an electric vehicle charging station, to meet the needs of a new era of electricity-powered mobility.

ISO 14001:2015

With an increased sensitivity for protecting the environment, Golden Door implements ISO 14001:2015, an international standard that defines the requirements of an environmental management system that includes:
• Reduction of waste management costs,
• Energy saving,
• Saving in the use of materials and other resources,
• Continuous improvement of environmental performance,
• Increase in competitiveness,
• Reduction of environmental damage risk,
• Implementation of environmental laws and regulations (on a national and European level),

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the first international standard for professional health and safety. It provides a framework that allows all institutions — regardless of their size or sector — to reduce in an active way the risk at the workplace and to visibly improve health and wellbeing at work.

ISO 9001

Another important certification is ISO 9001, which ensures a stable production process, as well as the company’s commitment to continuous organisational improvement, for the benefit of the company and consumers.


Certified security for class 4 (hinged door) and class 3 (axial door)

Observing European certification standards, Golden Door certifies the safety of its products in class 4 for hinged doors and class 3 for axial doors. This certification assesses the behaviour of the door, first when under static pressure and then to burgling tool techniques.
It proves the high security provided by every Golden Door security door, according to the European regulation UNI ENV 1628/1630 – UNI ENV 1627.

*When selecting a security door, it is important to consider the product’s certifications. Its certification confirms that its quality meets the specifications defined by the European Union, thus helping the consumer in choosing the right product.

Energy certifications CE (permeability of air and water, resistance to air load)

For exterior doors that are exposed to weather conditions, Golden Door provides the energy certification CE, which involves: air permeability (class 4), water permeability (class 8A), resistance to air load (class C5), as per standards N 1026 & UNI EN 12207, EN 1027 and UNI EN 12208, as well as EN 12211 and UNI EN 12210. This certification assesses the behaviour of the door in extreme weather, such as air pressure and very heavy rain.

Sound proofing

Golden Door provides a high level of sound proofing at 42dB, as per the certification UNI EN ISO 140-3 & UNI EN ISO 717-1.

Thermal conductivity

Golden Door has performed thermal energy measurements on its products, setting the thermal conductivity factor (U) that defines a door’s thermal loss, according to regulation EN 14351-1:2006. The smaller the factor, the less thermal loss. Measurements at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, the thermal conductivity factor is Ust=2.06 W/(m2 * K).

Certification of fire resistance

Golden Door certifies certain types of security doors for 60 or 120 minutes of fire resistance, as per standard ΕΝ 1634-01. The certification body is IFCC, based on the results of real combustion performed at Istituto Giordano.


Sound proofing

Golden Door offers a high level of sound proofing up to 43dB, according to standards ISO 10140-2 and ISO 717-1, following tests performed at the Laboratory of Acoustic Research and Simulation of the National Technical University of Athens.

Certification for fire resistance

Golden Door certifies the hotel line Light for 30 or 60 minutes of fire resistance, according to standard ΕΝ 1634-01. The certification body is IFCC, based on the results of real combustion performed at Istituto Giordano.


Patented door frame

The Golden Door frame is a closed-type hollow section, patented under patent number 1004810. Unlike open-type frames, the Golden Door case is superior, since the outer bolts (both fixed and mobile) are impossible to be located and breached, thanks to the frame’s closed shape. Additionally, the frame is antiseismic, because it can bear large loads without even the slightest deformation in the event of an earthquake. Its automated construction by a cutting-edge CNC profile-bending machine ensures constant quality of superior specifications. All parts of the frame are galvanised to avoid oxidation, and are coated with an electrostatic paint for maximum sealing. The casings are bound on the frame in an ideal manner, thus eliminating the use of screws. A study conducted by the National Technical University of Athens confirms the endurance of the reinforced security door. With the help of a 3D parametric model of the door and the frame, different loads were applied on different points in order to study the deformations caused on the door. The findings of the above study show that there was no danger of breaking at any point of the structure.

Patented concealed hinge

Golden Door’s concealed hinge is patented under patent number 1007375. It is specially designed for a reinforced door, with the aim to achieve an upgraded aesthetic result. On the internal side, the door is flush with the wall, thanks to the embedded hinge. Its structural characteristics allow the door’s adjustment both sideways and vertically. At the same time, the internal spheres of the concealed hinge enable the door to glide more easily and open without any effort. The capacity of the hinge is 1000kg, which allows it to bear large loads.

Study at the National Technical University of Athens

The study conducted at the National Technical University of Athens for Golden Door products specifies their superior quality, as it pertains to the door’s durability and strength. The results of this study were presented at a European conference with great success.

The written guarantee is a commitment that Golden Door can offer its customers the superior quality of its products and their proper function over time. This is why the company provides a written guarantee, accompanied by the maintenance instructions for your door. Golden Door designs and produces doors according to the standard ISO 9001, ensuring consistent production quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. Attention! The guarantee leaflet accompanies every authentic Golden Door product.

Golden Door places special emphasis on the design and production of custom projects. It approaches their design on a case-by-case basis, taking into account specific needs. Out of a wide range of products and materials, and informed by the know-how of its specialised personnel, it proposes solutions that are fully adjusted to the project’s requirements. With demanding projects in Greece and abroad, Golden Door proves the expertise and versatility of its manufacturing processes. In collaboration with the architect, it can provide consulting services during the design phase of a project, can propose solutions, and design and produce doors of top specifications.